1. Website Compliance: The Science and Art

Website Compliance: The Science and Art

Website Compliance: The Science and Art
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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter(s): Coppelia Padgett, regulatory compliance consultant and former federal examiner
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Who Should Attend? Compliance officers, marketing officers, financial services advertising firms, internal auditors, risk officers, electronic banking officers, IT officers, operations officers


The digital age levels many playing fields when it comes to financial services. The capacity to extend and deepen reach offers even the smallest institution competitive elements that cannot be ignored. But with that same reach, comes the ever-increasing capacity for regulatory compliance issues. Website compliance has been a thorn for many financial institutions looking to meet the often conflicting elements of keeping website pages engaging, but still remaining compliant. Moreover, the ever-challenging set of regulations in play with marketing and advertising requires those engaged in website design and implementation to have both knowledge and tools to ensure that the i’s and t’s of compliance are dotted and crossed. Of course, technical elements are important, but compliance with regulations such as UDAAP and ECOA requires that the art of compliance be acknowledged and addressed.

The need for sound and practical knowledge of the science and art of regulatory marketing and advertising compliance is essential to avoiding what can be called leading violations. As websites can be accessed remotely (by design, it turns out), the possibility for regulatory remote review of a website in today’s ever-increasing offsite examination techniques means that identified violations in a website can tip the tone of an examination. As a result, avoiding such potential tipping points becomes ever more critical. In this webinar, Coppelia Padgett will establish risk factors from websites walking through applicable regulations. From there, Coppelia will focus on identified issues in websites and the impact of those issues. The webinar will also include walking through a provided website review tool that can be used by attendees to document their website strength.

Please join Coppelia Padgett as she provides a comprehensive, detailed overview of the compliance issues associated with websites and the need for addressing the science and art of regulatory compliance as it relates to websites as a tool.


The science and art of websites requires understanding of the risks in websites and the tools to address those risks. The focus of this webinar is about presenting those technical and more subjective elements of websites and how institutions can understand the following:

  • The major technical and subjective risk factors in websites
  • Associated regulations with websites
  • Key strategies for risk mitigation as it relates to websites including use of monitoring tools as a regular part of website reviews
  • The most likely technical and substantive violations and the compliance measures associated with websites and how to avoid them
  • How to dot the 'i’s and cross the 't’s when dealing with the fringe elements of website compliance
  • Practical tips on how to utilize the provided website review form




Your conference leader for “Website Compliance: The Science and Art” is Coppelia Padgett. Ms. Padgett brings 25 years of financial institution experience covering numerous facets of financial institution operations. She began her career as a compliance specialist for the FDIC working primarily out of Los Angeles. She left the FDIC to found the Triac Company in 1992. This consulting firm grew to serve the compliance needs of hundreds of financial institutions in Los Angeles and around the United States. Ms. Padgett currently works as an independent contractor and subject matter expert for leading regulatory and risk management firms from around the country. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Tulsa with a degree in economics.



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