1. HR Manager Certification (Updated for COVID-19)

HR Manager Certification (Updated for COVID-19)

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Human resources experts Jenni Stone and Teri Morning will lead this comprehensive series. You will master everything you need to know about HR from a legal perspective in just one week. This training will help you perform your job better and earn respect as a leader.
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Recording: Unable to attend? A recording will be available after the presentation.
Date: Monday, August 10 - Friday, August 14; 11:30 AM Eastern
Duration: 5 Sessions; Each session is scheduled for 75 minutes, including question and answer sessions.
Presenter: Jenni Stone & Teri Morning
Credits: 6.25 HRCI, 6.25 SHRM for entire series

HR Manager Certification (Updated for COVID-19)

Human resources professionals are more critical than ever in our pandemic-riddled world. You are responsible for recruiting, retaining, and protecting the employees that make everything possible. Failure to follow the appropriate laws or protocols can risk exposure for your entire staff and structure.

Even if you are comfortable with the regulations and best practices, there are requirements and subtleties that even the experts sometimes miss. Demonstrating competency to your employer and colleagues is essential.

Our HR Manager Certification program will enable you to:

  • Understand the many complexities of HR
  • Protect your organization from potential legal liability
  • Earn a prestigious certification and the Human Resources Certified Manager (HRCM) professional designation
  • Bolster your career

Each session focuses on a vital human resources area where your employer may be exposed to unwanted risks. We have packed a large volume of interesting and useful content into five engaging sessions, including information about how to lead your organization’s recovery from COVID-19.


Here is a sampling of what each session will cover:

    Session 1: Overview and Hiring: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

    • What you need on an employment application
    • Interviews/pre-employment inquiries
    • Background checks and compliance with FCRA
    • EEOC position on refusal to hire based on prior convictions
    • Offer letters
    • Job descriptions
    • I-9 forms
    • At will employment and avoiding implied contracts
    • Exempt vs. non-exempt classifications
    • Avoiding GINA issues in pre-employment physicals

    Session 2: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    • Overview of HR’s responsibilities to ensure compliance with the FMLA
    • Understanding what is a serious health condition
    • Defining parent, spouse, and child under the FMLA
    • Methods for counting the 12-month period
    • What you can and cannot do with regard to medical certifications and requesting recertifications
    • Understanding FMLA Intermittent and Reduced Schedule Leave
    • An employer’s obligation for employee job reinstatement
    • Recommendations for how to create a FMLA Policy that will best prevent future problems

    Overview of The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

    • Covered employers and eligible employees
    • Types of leave
    • Payment of leave

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    • An employer’s obligation to engage in the interactive process
    • How to have an interactive dialogue using actual examples
    • Making requests for medical information
    • Workers Compensation and how it interacts with the ADA
    • How to navigate through FMLA, ADA and WC

    Session 3: Preventing Sexual and Unlawful Harassment and Conducting Investigations

    • Failure to provide sexual and unlawful harassment training annually
    • Not updating your anti-harassment policy
    • Failure to distribute the anti-harassment policy to the entire team
    • Not undertaking an investigation if the complainant requests the matter not be pursued
    • Taking too long to start an investigation when an employee has complained of harassment
    • Failing to take prompt corrective action if allegations of the complainant are substantiated during an investigation
    • Not adequately protecting confidentiality
    • Not ensuring that complainants and witnesses are adequately protected from any retaliation
    • Failing to advise both the complainant and the accused of the results of the investigation
    • Case law arising from mistakes made by employers
    • Effective investigations to demonstrate you have exercised reasonable care and can assert the Farragher-Ellerth affirmative defense
    • How to conduct an effective harassment investigation
    • Best practices for assessing credibility
    • How to draft the investigation report

    Session 4: FLSA and Wage and Hour Issues

    • How to avoid misclassification of non-exempt employees as exempt
    • How to avoid misclassification of employees as independent contractors
    • Definition of compensable time
    • Obligations for payment of overtime for hours spent on smartphones after hours
    • Booting up or down computers as compensable time
    • Methods for avoiding legal issues regarding student interns
    • When you can use volunteers and not pay them
    • Overtime calculations

    Session 5: Performance Management and Terminations

    • Dos and Don’ts for documenting performance
    • Practices to create effective documentation to establish a legal defense in court
    • Insights into performance reviews
    • Legal issues that can trip up managers and cause potential legal liability
    • Progressive discipline and how to effectively use it to your advantage
    • How to link performance reviews to well-drafted job descriptions
    • How to avoid discrimination claims when terminating an employee for performance-related reasons

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