1. Fraud and AML Schemes: Detecting and Protecting Against New Threats Using Forensic Methods

Fraud and AML Schemes: Detecting and Protecting Against New Threats Using Forensic Methods

Fraud and AML Schemes: Detecting and Protecting Against New Threats Using Forensic Methods
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Duration: 90 minutes, including question and answer period.
Presenter(s): Gary Deutsch, CPA, president, BRT Publications, LLC
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Who Should Attend? Financial officers, internal auditors, BSA/AML officers, loan officers, loan personnel, operations officers, compliance officers, lenders, risk managers, loan review

Carrying out a fraud scheme often requires help from others both inside and outside an institution. When two or more people collude to perpetrate a fraud, including money laundering schemes, they inevitably leave clues that need to be pieced together like a puzzle to figure out who stole what. Unfortunately, the clues don’t come in a box with a picture on the cover to show how the puzzle pieces fit together. So, internal auditors, security officers and risk managers need to launch a search for clues and creatively try to put the pieces together to solve the puzzle. This process is called forensic accounting and auditing.

The term “forensic” refers to tests or techniques used to detect a crime. One of the most useful forensic techniques can be as simple as interviewing people. Each interview may or may not reveal clues, but overall, the interviews will reveal some clues that can be used to further the investigation.

However, the interview process can become an obstacle to solving the crime if the interviewers are not trained properly in forensic interview techniques. For example, poorly constructed interviews could lead to tipping off the fraudsters, upsetting innocent people or having the case thrown out of court. That’s why it’s essential to train anyone who might be asked to participate in the forensic investigation process.

Please join our expert, Gary Deutsch, CPA MBA CIA CBA, as he discusses using forensic methods to detect and protect against new fraud and money laundering schemes during this timely webinar.


This webinar will include:

  • Developing a forensic investigative plan
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Establishing a purpose for the interviews
  • Identifying the best interview approach
  • Setting the interview tone
  • Developing baseline interview questions
  • Identifying verbal and nonverbal clues
  • Identifying new jargon that could indicate fraud
  • Forensic interview process example


Your conference leader for "Fraud and AML Schemes: Detecting and Protecting Against New Threats Using Forensic Methods” is Gary Deutsch, president, BRT Publications LLC. Mr. Deutsch is a licensed CPA in Maryland and has a B.A. in accounting and an MBA in finance from Loyola University Maryland. He has also achieved the Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Bank Auditor designations. Mr. Deutsch is the founder and president of BRT Publications LLC. Mr. Deutsch has trained thousands of financial institution professionals in all aspects of risk management and has written numerous books in the U.S. and Europe on topics such as credit risk, internal audit and compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Mr. Deutsch has extensive risk management and internal audit experience through his association with financial institutions of all sizes as well as through his role leading the KPMG financial institution consulting practice in the Mid-Atlantic region.


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