1. Flood Insurance Compliance: The Ever-Shifting Tides of Change

Flood Insurance Compliance: The Ever-Shifting Tides of Change

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Date: Recorded on 12/3/2019
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Kenneth Agle, president, AdvisX
Credits: Live webinar approved for 1.5 NASBA credit hours (Management Services)

Flood Insurance Compliance: The Ever-Shifting Tides of Change

Perhaps no other regulation faces more uncertainty, interpretation and ambiguity than flood insurance. What starts out as a basic principle of insuring at-risk properties prone to flooding spins its way through the labyrinth of law, regulation and interpretation making this most simple concept into hundreds of pages of guidelines. Yet while the principle may be basic, applying that principle and meeting the competing needs of all the factions involved, makes for great challenges.

It is quite fitting that tides are typically quite predictable. Yet, when a storm approaches, the inevitable tide surge means impact and unpredictable elements. A parallel in compliance might be an audit or examination of an organization and when related to flood insurance, managing those tides can be the difference between success and failure.

This has been the cause for the seemingly constant evolution of Flood Insurance. That evolution is likely to continue and staying current with new changes and interpretations is essential. Moreover, firming up a sound foundation of knowledge for this ever-complex and nuanced regulation is never unwise. This dynamic and timely webinar will provide you with the tools and understanding you need to successfully tread the tide of flood insurance.

Key elements within this webinar are designed to provide sound reasoning for your institution’s strategic efforts with regard to flood insurance. Applying those aspects to areas such as how to handle private flood insurance policies, providing compliant and timely notices and disclosures, coverage requirements, etc. will promote a sound flood insurance program. This webinar will present the outstanding issues in flood insurance compliance and those areas where regulators remain focused. We’ll review key aspects needing monitoring so that you have foundational knowledge as well as applied knowledge on emerging aspects.

Please join Ken Agle as he provides a comprehensive update on the latest changes and interpretations involving flood insurance together with a foundational understanding of the flood insurance requirements and how that foundation is applied to understanding the nuances and risk aspects of the regulation.


When it comes to compliance, the key to treading the tempest of flood insurance is maintaining a strong foundation and understanding the nuances. That’s the goal of this presentation, which will cover:

  • Key foundational elements of flood insurance and how that foundation flows in and through key changes.
  • A complete update on flood insurance changes to date.
  • The aspects that are changing or have changed and how those aspects impact compliance.
  • Key details of flood insurance and where the small points tend to cause challenges.
  • Common weaknesses in flood insurance compliance programs and how to correct them.
  • Current issues in flood insurance and how those issues have commonality.
  • The ‘i’s and ‘t’s of flood insurance and where they need dotting and crossing.

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