1. Essential Tools Needed to Guide Your CRA Efforts

Essential Tools Needed to Guide Your CRA Efforts

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Recording: Unable to attend? A recording will be available after the presentation.
Date: Recorded on 1/8/2020
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Kenneth Agle, president, AdvisX
Credits: Live webinar approved for 1.5 NASBA credit hours (Management Services)

Essential Tools Needed to Guide Your CRA Efforts

This webinar provides the information and essential tools you need to guide your Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) efforts and assure success in your next CRA examination. This relatively easy approach and tool – a Strategic Assessment Gap Evaluation, can mean the difference between success and failure. This webinar also includes a broader discussion on Community Development providing insights into how to analyze your CD efforts gleaned from recent experiences.

This webinar presents step-by-step guidance on completing a sample SAGE report. The SAGE can be divided into two areas and designed to fit your institution’s category and style. In the first stage Coppelia Padgett talks about how to first present your institution to regulators and the public in a way to gain understanding of how it approaches the market and CRA. This strategic section of the report is critical as it establishes how the performance will be presented. The presentation of performance while carrying different elements based on examination type still has strong commonalities. She’ll present those common elements as well as strategies on presenting community development efforts.

The second half of the SAGE presents gap evaluation. Knowing where you are as an institution is only part of the equation. Coppelia Padgett will present how you gain understanding of the gap. This gap measures where you are against expectations. She focuses on key performance expectation, but also covers subjective performance as it relates to fair lending and UDAAP and their impact on gap. Identifying and addressing the gap, whether small or large gives your financial institution the best chance of presenting performance in the best possible light when the gap is small or aiding the bank in determining where to focus resources to close the gap.

Whether you are a novice in the CRA world or a seasoned pro, this webinar will provide perhaps the most meaningful tool in your CRA arsenal. Please join Ken Agle as he details CRA SAGE and provides tips on the completion of the form. As expected, a sample SAGE for all three major bank types will be provided to all attendees in word version for usage.


This webinar will provide the keys to doing your own SAGE report, including:

  • A summary of the regulatory and real world experience changes, a discussion of the interagency questions and answers regulators have published and an explanation of the most recent revisions in that guidance.
  • Guidance on completing your SAGE report to fit your institution's category and style.
  • Presenting your institution to demonstrate how it approaches the market and CRA.
  • Presenting your performance in the enhanced regulatory format.
  • Gap evaluation. Where is your institution compared to expectations including the regulators?
  • Mitigating the gap between expectations and institution performance including strategic planning elements.
  • Key factors in presenting community development efforts effectively.

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