1. Complaint Management: Regulatory Oversight and More

Complaint Management: Regulatory Oversight and More

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Recording: Unable to attend? A recording will be available after the presentation.
Date: Recorded on 12/19/2019
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Kenneth Agle, president of AdvisX
Credits: Live webinar approved for 1.5 NASBA credit hours (Management Services)

Complaint Management: Regulatory Oversight and MoreActions

Everyone loves to complain, it seems these days. Unfortunately, that creates a problem if you’re a regulated financial institution. Certainly in today’s world the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is aggressive in giving a powerful and analytical listening ear to those complaints. "Submit a Complaint” is perhaps given the strongest position on the bureau’s home page right next to the search button. Click on the complaint button and you enter a world aimed at listening to the issue and working to resolve. There is much that can be learned from the CFPB as it relates to complaint management.

For one, those complaints are increasingly driving the regulatory examination process and its outcome. The regulatory agencies see the power and value in both the complaints and the responses. Complaints are a driving force in many of today’s largest civil monetary penalties involving indirect auto lending, fair lending, the foreclosure process revisions, as well as the Student Loan Servicing and SCRA regulation revisions with more to come.

When you consider that reputational risk is quickly rising to the most significant risk factor, and that your financial institution’s reputational and regulatory well-being requires that you are adept at handling this meaty topic, this webinar should be a must attend.

This webinar presents the foundations of complaint management. It begins with logical coverage of complaint factors within the various regulations with a logical beginning in UDAAP, but with necessary focus on other regulations such as ECOA, CRA, EFTA, TILA, SCRA/MLA and FCRA. It notes that complaints can be received at any time of the customer/member’s experience from marketing to foreclosure and beyond. These and other factors associated with complaints clearly should give pause to each institution’s management as it works to properly coordinate its activities to promoting complaint management.

Mr. Agle presents the elements of a strong complaint management program including a sample complaint management risk assessment, a complaint management program/policy and a sample tracking form that should be adaptable to cloud-based systems. Attendees will be able to use these documents or compare these documents against their existing systems/policy/forms and establish or solidify their complaint management process. For complaint management, the need is now and we believe that this webinar will keep you ahead of the pack.

Mr. Agle can’t actually guarantee that you’ll love this webinar. In fact, you might hate it, but he feels that if you attend this fast-paced webinar you’ll receive sound guidance and tools you can use to address the critical topic of complaint management. Now that is something not to complain about.


This webinar will focus on the key components of complaint management covering, among other areas:

  • Regulations that generate complaints.
  • Expanded discussion on how complaints can arise throughout the customer/member’s experience with a financial institution and that whole-institution knowledge is critical to complaint management success.
  • How to use a complaint management risk assessment along with a sample version for your use.
  • A look at the CFPB complaint management process and how that can serve as a guide for your financial institution.
  • The changes to the CFPB’s complaint process and how those changes may affect your institution.
  • A review of a complaint management program including sample form and guides for when a tracking system should be considered and elements of that tracking system.
  • Why training and personnel consistency are critical to complaint management.
  • How to ensure that you're properly coordinating activities within your organization to ensure proper complaint management.

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