1. COVID-19 Training For Tellers And Branch Management

COVID-19 Training For Tellers And Branch Management

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer Michele Mathews will show your branch employees how to stay safe and reduce risk in your banking institution. By registering all your branch employees, you can create a foundation of common practices, terminology, and documentation. And employees will feel more comfortable knowing their colleagues have received comprehensive training in safety protocols.

For groups of 100 or more please email: [email protected] for enterprise pricing.

Duration: Tellers (22 min) and Senior Branch Employees (27 min).

Preview: See the training in full here.
Event ID: 685352654
Presenter: Michele A. Mathews

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $25.00
10 - 19 $22.00
20 - 49 $20.00
50+ $16.00

COVID-19 Training For Tellers And Branch Management

CDC-based guidance so your institution can open as SAFELY as possible to the public.

From wiping down keypads to taping off six-foot perimeters, authorized OSHA outreach trainer Michelle Mathews will show your employees how to stay safe and help your institution:

  • Reduce worker absenteeism
  • Limit business interruptions
  • Establish common vocabulary and expectations
  • Reduce liability

Topics Covered

  • Social Distancing
  • Masks
  • Commuting
  • Social Distancing and Mask Signage
  • Pre-Visit Customer Communication
  • Customer Appointments
  • Occupancy Limits
  • Uncooperative Customers
  • Pre-Disinfection Cleaning
  • Eye Protection
  • Teller Station Adjustments
  • Plexiglass Wellness Barriers
  • Safe Notary Practices During COVID-19
  • Drive-Through Notary Services
  • Video-Conference Notary Services
  • Coughing and Sneezing
  • Self Health Evaluations
  • Taking Temperatures At Work
  • Protocols for Taking Temperatures
  • How To Use Temporal Thermometers
  • Hand Washing and Drying Procedures
  • Hand Sanitizing
  • Tainted Hand-Sanitizer Warning
  • Hand Hygiene Signage
  • ATMs and Other High Touch Areas
  • Drive Throughs
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Light Switches and Handles
  • Keyboards, Screens, and Laptops
  • Key Cards and Keys
  • Counters, Floors, and Other Surfaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Food and Eating Areas
  • Office Equipment and Shared Supplies
  • Ventilation
  • Consistency and Frequency
  • Elevators and Public Spaces
  • Deliveries
  • Staggered Work Times

Each participant will receive a “Healthy Workspace Practices During COVID-19”.