1. BSA/AML Training for Compliance Officers: A Focused Two-Part Training Session

BSA/AML Training for Compliance Officers: A Focused Two-Part Training Session

BSA/AML Training for Compliance Officers: A Focused Two-Part Training Session
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Duration: Two 90-minute sessions including question and answer session.
Presenters: Kenneth Agle, president, AdvisX
Price: $549.00, CD or DL includes full audio presentation, question and answer session and presentation slides.
Credits: Live webinars approved for 14 NASBA credit hours (Management Advisory Services).
Who Should Attend? All compliance officers, BSA/AML officers, risk officers, internal auditors, BSA/AML training personnel

Beyond the requirement for annual training for all relevant personnel is the need for that training to be customized to the audience and sufficient to give attendees insights into their assigned areas. Today’s compliance officer is quickly becoming the most challenging position in a financial institution. The complexities of orchestrating the interactions between departments and the board and senior management require deft handling. The array of regulations that fall directly on the compliance officer or for which the compliance officer may have some responsibility are daunting and expanding. There is little question that at or near the top for every financial institution’s compliance officer is BSA/AML compliance.

This challenging regulation remains the top target for regulatory scrutiny and the penalties for non-compliance are significant. The keys to successfully managing or overseeing BSA/AML responsibilities in this complex environment remain knowledge, tools and strong support within the organization. These essential skills and knowledge are tightly connected and within the grasp of every financial institution. However, this requires depth from the central position of compliance officer. This webinar is about gaining those strengths as they relate to one of the most important regulations in regulatory compliance—BSA.

This two-session webinar focuses on integrating knowledge, tools and support into a presentation that allows the attendee to effectively enhance their financial institution’s compliance program. In the first session, we’ll focus on advanced aspects of the BSA/AML elements that must be understood for any program to be successful as well as present an analysis of the key tools that must be present in BSA/AML programs. These will include risk rating tools, CIP/CDD/EDD tools, AML detection/monitoring systems, and reporting systems. Then our final session will focus on how support is achieved for the BSA efforts within the organization. The session provides a number of key sample tools for consideration including a BSA risk assessment tool, a CIP/CDD/EDD analytical tool, BSA/AML system validation worksheet and analysis program. We will present a sample key report that every financial institution needs to promote the basis for a cohesive approach within the organization and how that report is generated.

Please join Ken Agle for this information-focused two-part training session on BSA/AML compliance for compliance personnel that focuses on achieving knowledge, tools and support.


Some of the many elements compliance officers will gain knowledge of include:

  • How BSA/AML requires whole understanding of advanced elements and FI coordination between all departments
  • Sample risk assessment
  • BSA/AML automated monitoring system principles that are critical to today’s successful BSA program and how to get the most from your program
  • What reports are needed for compliance officers to have and present to the board regarding core BSA aspects


Your conference leader for "BSA/AML Training for Compliance Officers: A Focused Two-Part Training Session" is Kenneth Agle. As president of AdvisX, Mr. Agle brings over 27 years of financial institution experience covering numerous facets of financial institution operations. Mr. Agle specializes in strategic regulatory response and in developing and implementing both proactive and reactive tools and systems to preempt and resolve issues affecting today’s financial institution.

Prior to his consulting experience, Mr. Agle had been a financial institution examiner with the FDIC. As a commissioned examiner, Mr. Agle was principally involved in numerous examinations, including safety and soundness, compliance, BSA, IT and trust.



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