1. BSA/AML Officer Recertification Program (Two-Day Course)

BSA/AML Officer Recertification Program (Two-Day Course)

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Duration: A total of seven hours of training over a two-day course
Presenter: Kenneth Agle, president, AdvisX; Coppelia Padgett, regulatory compliance consultant and former federal examiner

BSA/AML Officer Recertification Program (Two-Day Course)

It’s time to recertify!

Keeping up with all the changes in BSA/AML is more important than ever. This recertification program for our popular and prestigious BSA/AML Officer Certification Program provides updated training and recertification to BSA/AML Officer Certification holders who have completed their initial BSA/AML Officer Certification. It provides them with the detailed training and accreditation they need to keep pace in the rapidly changing BSA/AML environment and protect the financial institution from the legal, regulatory and reputation risks that are a regulatory focus, and maintain their prestigious CBAO designation.

BSA Certification for Second Year attendees is explores in greater depth BSA/AML and OFAC issues building on the foundational elements presented with the first year certification and continuing education and also serves as an update and refresh of essential concepts, policies and practices. These sessions focus on topics of material importance in today’s BSA realm moving beyond the basics and into greater depth on those areas where exposure is increasing.

Successful completion of this training satisfies the training requirements to continue the prestigious BSA OFFICER designation awarded by BankersWeb and Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions.


The program consists of:

  • Discussion on implementing Enterprise Risk Management principles into the BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessment to go beyond more than a score.
  • Today’s rising areas of BSA/AML Risk and what institutions can do to promote effective risk mitigation strategies.
  • Expanded review of the role of customer/member risk awareness, key areas where procedural documentation is a must, the challenge and role of enhanced due diligence and what must be done to reduce regulatory criticisms in this key area.
  • Expanded coverage of SAR narrative principles including alert analysis and case investigation processes and examples of SAR filing/non-filing decisions based on presented transactional activity and how decisioning requires documentation support to meet regulatory scrutiny.
  • Expanded discussion on BSA/AML and OFAC Systems and the role of internal validation and external validation with expanded presentation on the merits and problems of AML systems.
  • Discussion and guidance on the BSA/AML Beneficial Ownership requirements including guidance and experience to date.


The training sessions are clear, concise, and comprehensive. There are six sessions to complete the program:

  • Day One, Session 1: BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Management and utilizing Enterprise Risk Management principles to promote a more comprehensive risk management approach.
  • Day One, Session 2: Rising Risk Factors in BSA and related risk mitigation strategies for those areas.
  • Day One, Session 3: Expanded review of CIP/CDD/EDD principles and their rippling effect throughout an organization BSA/AML efforts.
  • Day Two, Session 4: The role of SAR investigation, narrative and documentation efforts needed to promote sound program response to regulatory expectations.
  • Day Two, Session 5: BSA/AML and OFAC System usage and expansion for the 2020s and how validation and system effectiveness require new insights.
  • Day Two, Session 6: BSA/AML Beneficial Ownership requirements, practical guidance and lessons learned.

There will be a Question and Answer opportunity at the end of each day’s presentations for the live events. For those who take the course material using recordings, the presenter will respond to email questions.


  • You must have previously attained the designation as a Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions/BankersWeb BSA/AML Certified Compliance Officer.
  • You must complete the training for third year recertification either by attending the live events or via digital downloads. You may use either method or any combination of live and recorded events.
  • You must pass the Recertification Test within six months of taking this course.
  • You will be required to recertify every two years.
  • You are not required to take additional continuing education in the year of your recertification.

You must maintain a minimum of 4.5 hours of continuing education beginning one year after your recertification. You may satisfy your continuing education requirement by attending a designated group of related BankersWeb webinars or with other educational activities approved by BankersWeb. The cost of attending three BankersWeb webinars covering your required 4.5 hours of continuing education will be included in your annual $600 Maintenance Fee.

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