1. ACH for Deceased Accountholder and Federal Government Payments

ACH for Deceased Accountholder and Federal Government Payments

ACH for Deceased Accountholder and Federal Government Payments
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Duration: 90 minutes, including question and answer period.
Presenter(s): Michele Barlow, vice president, PAR/WACHA
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Who Should Attend? ACH operations, frontline/customer service personnel, and branch personnel

Learn how to process payments for deceased customers. It is a sad reality that your customers die. Even after death, they may still receive incoming ACH entries. You may want to help doddering Myron Wilson whose wife of 58 years just passed away. You may sympathize with Estella Ramirez who dutifully cared for her recently deceased aunt and needs her social security payment to pay rent for the apartment they shared. Nevertheless, you cannot allow your heart to determine how to process incoming funds for deceased account holders. There are clear rules to follow.

What happens to an ACH account at the moment/date of death? Can other transactions be done by or authorized by a relative? Are transactions that were initiated prior to the date of death honored even if they clear after the date of death. What is a typically accepted time frame? Please join Michele Barlow for a webinar that will cover these and other questions regarding your deceased customers.


Some of the questions that will be answered in this webinar include:

  • How must you handle government payments for deceased account holders?
  • What are the reclamation rules for government and corporate entities?
  • How can you limit financial liability with reclamations and DNEs?
  • What are the differences between constructive and actual knowledge of death?
  • How should ACH payments be processed when an account holder is deceased?



Your conference leader for “ACH for Deceased Accountholder and Federal Government Payments” is Michele Barlow, vice president at PAR/WACHA, The Premier Payments Resource headquartered in Wisconsin. At WACHA she manages the education department, which is responsible for development and execution of association training and certification programs, conference and event planning, and member service. She is a member of NACHA’s Blue Ribbon Panel, is a member ofThe Payments Institute’s Board of Regents, the APRP Oversight Panel, and is active on other national committees and a frequent speaker at industry events. Prior to joining the WACHA team in 2009, she was a corporate trainer for a financial institution. She obtained her AAP and NCP certifications in 2010 and 2011 respectively. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Wisconsin.


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